Dear HSM, this is a letter directed to you. Highly sensitive men, probably with a high sensation seeking drive and a high testosterone value that makes you take certain risks and long for that intimate union with the feminine. If you are feeling love, enjoy it. If you want to feel love, courage to you. And if you have felt love, rejoice in the fact that you  did. A different warning that I have to you, is don’t give in to the temptation to numb your inner emotions and sensitivity with substances from the outside. I sure know I have been guilty of this. Too much caffeine when I felt too little stimulation from the outside, a pain pill when I felt too much negative emotions from the outside, or alcohol when kind of wanting to relax and be with myself but also wanting connection and meeting new people on the outside. If you are the kind of man with a mixture of HSM, HSS and HSD, then first of all I feel you brother :). This is potentially one of the most complex situations that you can be in. For if you were not HSS, well then you might just be happy with sitting in your room, watching television or playing card games with whoever life brought you as your partner and that would be fine. If you had LSD, you might even be happy without seeking the contact with the feminine and the potential dangers that come with falling in love and risking being hurt and making yourself vulnerable. You might settle for a love-free life and just follow your own interests, program some websites or take care of your model trains back in the cellar. But if you are all highly sensitive, that means feeling emotions at a very deep and intense level, along with high sex drive that pulls you extremely into the feminine nature and attracts you to the beautiful feminine beings out there and you are sensation seeking, so you actually enjoy the emotional ride and rollercoaster that you as an HSM with HSD often pursue, you are in for one hell of a ride. Understanding your predisposition is extremely important. Like Elaine Aron says, it is a package deal. And like somebody once said, and this especiallly applies to you, special HSM: “Cherish women, because they make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.” What are the ways to deal with this? Well, awareness is the first step. And as for the next steps, that is a journey of discovery that we are all on together. As I learn more about this, I would be extremely interested to learn and hear more from you about this journey.