This is a thank-you post to state my warmest gratitude to the comments and support from Dr. Ted Zeff, Rick Belden, and many other visitors that have come to our website and also expressed their support for this community and website. Unfortunately I have not been able to dedicate as much time to this website as I would like to lately, but the response has been overwhelming for me and I want to express my deepest thank yous for everybody who has left a comment, sent me a mail, or expressed their voice in some other way. While the last months have been focused a lot on the implementation and integration as an HSM in my personal life, my thoughts to others on the same journey have not disappeared. Quite the opposite, I am extremely excited to keep on making this into a community for highly sensitive men to exchange themselves, to learn from each other and feel better and confident about their trait to turn it into a gift to share with others. You can find more great information about High Sensitivity on Dr. Ted Zeff’s website (author of “The HSP Survival Guide” and “The Strong Sensitive Boy”) or on Rick Belden’s website (author of “The Iron Man Outing”).