Hey there, I could go into detail about why HSP and HSM is interesting and what matters for us, and I will soon focus in one of my posts on this topic. However, today is an interesting day, especially for us HSMers: spring starts. Hormones are flying around, the sun is coming back out, the dresses get lighter and usually all of us feel better in some way (or another). I think  especially for us HSMers this is a beautiful time of the year – since we are more perceptive and open to external influences (which often overstimulate us…), the beautiful part of this is that we get to notice more of the beautiful season around us. We hear the birds singing, we can probably even feel the hormones in the air, we see smiling people running around, holding hands and kissing each other and much much more… Being a highly sensitive men means that we are more strongly effected by outside stimuli and of course they require management, more relaxation and time to let go. Spring is the best time to do just that. Go and spend your lunch time maybe outside, take a walk through the city or even better go to a nearby park and just close your eyes for a few minutes and enjoy the sun warming and soothing your skin. Or listen to the birds doing the mating songs and woowing each other… A new season of love is around the corner, and maybe this is also the best time to find your soulmate. Spring is beautiful and I wish you the best; try not to overstimulate yourself so you can be open and smiling when the next great person is coming just around the corner, it might be the special one, you never know… With this, I wish all of us a beautiful spring time ahead 🙂