Going out yesterday night inspired me for a topic of today’s writing. As a man, we oftentimes struggle in our friendships with NON-HSM men, that might even be a big obstacle to accepting our HSM identity, since they tease us or ask “WTH we are thinking so much, asking these questions…” and so on. Do you know what I am talking about? Oftentimes, out of my tendency I try to go into conversations deeper with some of my friends, to which some reply well, while others look at me as if to say “What the heck are you talking about? You sound like a softie…” It has taken me long to figure this out, but the way I now see it is that non-HSM people just don’t see the nuances of every situation and that’s why when you go to a deeper, less obvious level they “can’t go there”, cause they are just not aware of it. And that is fine. Well, I suggest we find a middle solution between spending time with our HSM friends and with our NON-HSM friends. When you are wanting to go out and meet some women for instance, as was my intention yesterday, I just grabbed one of my best non-HSM friends and we had a blast at the club. Since he is more extroverted, uninhibitited and generally great fun to be with in the club, he became the life of the party. People around us were looking and trying to see who those people were to have so much fun. We were even approached by women – something I really love, you don’t even have to walk over and initiate the conversation :). Well, at the same time before that yesterday I had about 30mins of good conversation with one of my roommates, who is definitely an HSM as well. In short, the mix between HSM and non-HSM was really great, and depends on the purpose. What I know is that when going out, non-HSM friends help me to be present, uninhibited and be open and fun. I guess both kinds of friends are necessary for us. With one we can cultivate and share our HSP side as not to feel like we “are the only ones like that”. With non-HSM friends, we can be more outgoing, having fun and out of our head. And that is great inspiration too. What are your experiences with HSM and non-HSM friends? Share them 🙂