Currently on a beautiful trip in Venice, Italy I have gathered resources from what I read and experienced to make sure that you can travel in the best possible way in accordance to your high sensitivity. These 3 tips will show you exactly how.

  1. Stay outside of the city center. Very simple. Here in Venice, I walked the city center the last days. Just like in any other big international city, the city center is full of mass-consumerism tourists. Usually the city center is where all the main and classical sights are. That is also where the most people are. And that stays the same at night when you want to sleep.
  2. When booking, always check reviews on the keywords “quiet”, “calm”
When booking over a booking platform like airbnb, hostelbookers and many others, all these sites typically have reviews available that are given in full text. They were not just rated, but have written reviews. These reviews are given by real people and come from people that have lived in the same spot you might are about to book for a number of days. They know what times it was louder and less loud, was it clean, and how busy is the area.
To browse through a great number of reviews fast, just hit ctrl+f in your browser (works in Firefox and Google Chrome) and find what you were searching for. Chose the keywords “calm” or “quiet” and you will know that you found well. You can alternatively also try the negative search version and chose “loud” or “noise.
3. Schedule more days and less full.
It was a 9 hour train and bus ride to come to Venice. I did nothing and felt somewhat tired. Just because I did not do anything actively because I sat in a train, does not mean that it cannot be hard and cost energy on my body. The next day I slept 10 hours and was still really tired.
So pay attention to this. When you have a long travel to some place, plan additional time in order to recover and get grounded in the new city. Once you have arrived, it is best to give your body some time to adjust and kind of “gather after transport” and make sure you are in alignment again and centered.
I slept 2 more hours, made a calm breakfast and started slowly going around the city. The body was thankful and the enjoyment from the trip increased multiple times. We and friends used to do 2-3 day city trips, but they were jam-packed full followed by little sleep and unhealthy food. I did not see much of the town and arrived stressed at home. Plus much money spent on a trip that is hardly remembered. Not so ideal.
Travelling with so many beautiful impressions, learning new things and seeing innvoative and different scenery can be a great gift, especially for the HSM and HSP. With these 3 tips you can ensure to get the most out of these trips and plan better for the future. Bon voyage!
It does not take too much to figure out that this is the less-than-superb living environment for a highly sensitive person/man.
– When booking, always check reviews on the keywords “quiet”, “calm”.

This is another important step. If you are picking out online where you want to go and book an accomodation, then please be sure to check one that is quiet and calm. If these words are not in there, you might be in trouble. The people renting out their apartments know their value, and if they have a quiet room available then they will be sure to name them. Make sure you can get a good night’s rest, and you will be well able to enjoy a great time in your destination. – Schedule more days and less full. Another important tip that I can give you is to make your travel rather a few days longer but instead don’t have a jam-packed full schedule of 3 days of intense sightseeing. After the first day you will already be tired and the next days you can impossibly get to see and meet the city as much as you would like to. Remember, you don’t just want to see sights, you probably really want to get a feel for what the flair and the people of the city are like. If you can, take 1-2 more days in the destination town, and the first day just go there and walk around, have a nice and relaxing time and take one step at a time.