Dear reader, I do have to say I appreciate you reading this. Chances are you have been soul searching for a long time yourself and come to the point that you probably are a Highly-Sensitive Person (HSP). Chances are even higher, you define and have accepted yourself as a Highly-Sensitive Man (HSM). Maybe you haven’t totally accepted that (yet), but you could imagine you might be. Props to you for taking the courage to inform yourself on this topic and search around. I can not claim to be an expert on being a HSM or on the topic of high sensitivity, all I can say is to share my experience and see if it might be similar to what other men have experienced. My name is Chris Brand, I am 23 years old and it has taken me a journey of those 23 years to learn more about myself (knowing this journey is never-ending) and psychology as well as studies in international business, an exchange semester abroad, and many diverse and drunk experiences to find out that I with high probability also belong to the Highly-Sensitive Men (HSM). Most of all, the influence of a great girl that stepped into my life and her knowledge and intuition about the topic of high sensitivity caused her to drop a book into my hands that I did not start reading until some weeks after our break-up. It was Elaine Aron’s book about HSP in love and out of curiosity I started reading and find much interesting information, I couldn’t put the book down even though I tried. Ever since, I have made it my passion to read and learn more about the topic, read other people’s experience with it and finally take the step to also go and take part in an HSP meeting, to exchange experience on this topic. Now, I’ve made it my purpose to dedicate more work to this topic and put information out there for men to find themselves in this topic, and especially around the topic of manliness, masculinity and high sensitivity. This is what this site is going to be about. Currently I am in the process of contacting other HSP experienced people and most of all, psychologists that are more experts on this topic than me. And I can personally say that this journey has brought me to change from business degree to studying psychology at the age of 24. Finally I might have found my life’s work. Who knows :).