“Great read, clear steps, powerful results. That’s in essence what I experienced with The Way of The Highly Sensitive Man. Thank you so much Chrisi – and of course to my wife for cleverly introducing me to the book.
I had become a designer to use my creativity and passion for images to help tell stories…I reconnected to that purpose. After some thought and preparation, I quit my job and switched to working from home as a self-employed designer (not until I had gone through your exercises, and gotten my first 3 clients).
Fast forward – I have much more time for my kids (12 & 16) now and my wife. My business is growing and most importantly I feel better and happier than I have ever before.
Thank you for sharing this belief-changing exercise – really amazing!”

Brian, Canberra, Australia

“[…]Luckily that changed when I discovered The Way of The Highly Sensitive Men! There was suddenly a meaning to my high sensitivity! I realized that I used a lot of overcompensating and overachievement as a self-defense, which was just hurting my personal health. […]”
“I was able to coordinate my meetings better and now work 2 days a week from home. As a result I avoid the rush hour traffic and get more sleep.[…] I can focus more on quality work for my clients. My relationship with my wife has also improved – she was very supportive of my changes and has also commented how much happier and fulfilled I seem.

Thank you very much Chrisi… The path you lay out is clear to follow which is why I was able to implement so much of it within a few weeks.”

Josh, Halifax, Canada

“Coping isn’t enough” That really struck me. As a psychologist myself, I knew about the value of these strategies. But I also noticed the recurring frustration for many of my clients. Being an HSP myself, I have long realized that many HSMs have sought out my help.

I heard about your book and got curious – so I decided to buy it. Your focus on clear action steps and real life application combined with well-researched scientific foundations provide great insights. Not only have I been able to improve some thigns for my life, but I keep on recommending your book to my highly sensitive clients.

Great job, I just wanted to acknowledge that.

Terry, Ottawa, Canada