Make your sensitive life a little easier with the help of these resources.

  • Books by Elaine Aron, PhD: As the researcher discovering the trait in the early 1990s, Elaine Aron has been the lead author of the most widely acclaimed and recommended books on the Highly Sensitive Person. You find her most recommended books down below.
  • Books by Ted Zeff, PhD: As a fellow author on the topic of highly sensitive people, psychologist Ted Zeff has especially focused on the topic and challenges of Highly Sensitive Men. It was with his inspiration and support that this site was established. His books are a must read for every Highly Sensitive Man.
  • Sleep tools like Ear Plugs and Sleep Masks – whether at home or when travelling, noise pollution can be a serious annoyance, especially to highly sensitive people. Enjoy peaceful rest and higher quality sleep with the help of ear plugs and sleep masks.