Dear reader, thanks for being back again. Today I just want to share with you a thoughtful note, as I have been going through ups and downs the last days with my HSM identity, sometimes wishing I was different, then appreciating myself again, and going back and forth. Being an HSM is what it is. That is the most basic message to which I have come :). And what I know too is that it can only be worse, if you do try to fight and change who you are. You can work really hard and “good” at it, but you will still never be able to counteract your nervous system and in a higher way probably your profession and calling. I am sure there are days where you wake up and wish you were different. Days where it seems that your non-HSM friends are having the blast of their lives, meeting a great girl somewhere and falling in love, being at the amusement park and screaming at you how great it is to ride that rollercoaster or to just let go and be running around. Or when your buddies sit down in the same commuter train as you and talk about the football game yesterday and how that shot was so nice, while you sit there and innerly in your head pondering the big questions of life as to why you were put on this planet, why there is injustice and how you can express the deep voice inside of you, creativity, that longs to show itself and be shared with the world. Days where you wish that there was not more to it…just waking up in the morning, reading the free newspaper about every crazy gossip or unimportant random news, go to your everyday job where you make a nice living, contribute a little, joke with your colleagues, and after 9 hours of working without thinking, you go home, grab a beer, watch football and feel happy there in your couch. **** Well, it won’t be that way. Whether you like it or not, HSM will follow you wherever you go. WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE YOU ARE. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE YOURSELF. So the best way then probably is to accept your identity and be happy about being an HSM, and align your life to it as much as you can to feel happy about it; and be authentically who you are. That’s my thoughts for the day. Have a good one! 🙂 – Chrisi