It has become more popular in recent years to become an HSP, even to become an HSM. In fact, resources on this topic are booming like never before. Here are some of the reasons that awareness and topicality of the HSP topic is increasing more and more. Today’s world brings with it a lot of inventions and tools that really have facilitated our lives. I wouldn’t want to live without a car, a plane or a really nice coffee machine. Yet, especially the information and technological evolution has turned this world into a place where technology often no longer serves us, but rather we serve technology. We have smartphone, laptop, tablet with us everywhere and are bombarded with information from all sides. Animations, audio and video content bring more stimulation than a simple book or CD used to. While everybody talks about how great this entertainment (what does that even mean?) is, few people have begun to point a finger at the overflow of information we have to deal with. And it doesn’t get better. So as everybody starts a business and wants your attention to become a paying customer, as goods are shipped worldwide and transported 24/7, marketing and transport have exploded and create noise and stimulation that our minds and bodies have to deal with. Therefore, more and more people in trying to keep up with this burn themselves out and reach their level, teir threshold and then they are overwhelmed and done. HSM or not by definition, more and more people are overwhelmed by society as the environment around us gets more and more overwhelming (“challenging” would be a total disnomer as presenting an ideal to aspire to live up to when the development is anything but desirable). For all men overwhelmed by surroundings, the HSM concept can be very comforting and enlightening. So the word is spreading and a certain shift within society is bound to happen. What that shift will do? We don’t know, but you can have your say in it! 🙂 Tell us what you think of more and more HSPs and HSMs finding out about themselves. Is the term even hypey by now?