As I watched Californication today, it dawned on me: Hank Moody is a highly sensitive man. Really? Yes, it is so obvious once you take a closer look at the character. For one, he looks like a mess, and also sometimes extremely cruel to other people. Or just so it seems. But reality is totally different. If you look through and follow the seasons, the most constant thing there is is his love for women and especially his (former) girl Karen and his daughter. Because he is sad about the loss he has suffered he is a mess; he is a desperate mess needing the comfort and structure of a calming force in his life: that was his wife. He is longing for a safe and comfortable home full of love. Yet his high sex drive and his sensation seeking keep on making him chase other women out there even though he never really seems to be fulfilled by it, even though he sees the beautiful in every woman he encounters. In one episode he repeats the words of his father, whom he dreads so much, as he was a lacking father figure who made his mother suffer so much (which Hank as an HSM probably felt very strong): “There isn’a a woman I’ve met who I haven’t fallen in love with; whether it was for ten minutes or ten years.” He sees the beautiful in every woman and that instantly. That does not only show that he belives in the good in people, especially that he is an HSM strongly attracted to the feminine and he starts to “have a crush” really soon, which is characteristic for an HSM. Yet he is also extremely loyal and drawn to his family and his “wife”. He has committed investments and he stands by them; he does not want to leave people behind and feels a sense of responsibility, as much as he might screw up. So Hank Moody really is the prime example of a Highly Sensitive Man, driven by his tendencies and admittedly a bit unsuccessful at managing all this. Moreover, he is a writer and as such shows extremely touching and moving stories in his words – writing is his expression of all the feelings that he encounters. And moreover, it allows him to let out the feelings that he (or stereotypes in his head) do not always allow him to let out; yet, he is free and uninhibited in expressing his desire for sex and attraction to the feminine. And this is a beautiful trait about Hank that makes him so adorable for the audience and a great role model for us HSM to follow :). In this sense, have a beautiful and authentically male day! – Chrisi