There it was. Not even 2 months since I started getting really deep into HSP and dealing with my HSP identity. Luckily since I live in Vienna (which is one of the most live-worthy cities in the world by the way :)),  I went to Austria’s only HSP gathering. Let me tell you, it is an incredible experience. Especially for HSM. Somewhere on the web I read that statistically about 80% of attendees of HSP meetings (remember men and women are HSPs in the same percentage) usually are women. The funny thing was: I can only confirm this :).  We were two guys and 7 women present. Well, it was an amazing experience. Exchanging myself on the topic of high sensitivity, how other people also feel overwhelmed by noise, even smells or talking too much with other people and preferring to stay at home instead of going out to parties. Moreover, how other men too had the sense that they were not always those totally belonging into a group and being the total alpha man, but standing sometimes on the side lines and being more observing, just because it takes more stress to fit in and always be around other people. And then of course the conflict that arises out of wanting to be in the center of the group, while also remaining stimulated at a controllable level along with keeping your own identity, and not feeling like others are controlling what you are doing. *** Go to your own first HSP meeting as soon as possible! For what we know, maybe we will soon have skype meetings or conversations virtually to simulate this, but face to face with other people like this is the most amazing experience you will ever encounter, second to having a loving HSP partner with which you can share the depth of your beings. And thanks to Georg Parlow and his wife who are organizing these meetings in Vienna, have written books on the topic and are doing great work in this area and to spread awareness of this topic into the mainstream. If you are a German/Austrian reader, go ahead and be sure to check their website at Thanks for reading,and hear from you soon and your first HSP meeting 🙂 – Chris