Recently I have realized – once again – just how bad a caffeine addiction can get. What has it taken me to figure this out? Simply, more sleep and more days with less caffeine. Most importantly: abstaining from drinking coffee for 3 days has given me the most peculiar realization. While feeling alert and awake, not tired or dizzy, very much centered and relaxed, a certain awareness of my emotional state overcame me: BOREDOM. Seriously, my feelings of balance and presence have not been better in a very long time. Sleeping was never this easy, the day starts and ends with meditation and Yoga and somehow everything to be done finds its time to be done during the day. Moreover, even multitasking is possible in certain ways, something I usually get stressed out over in no time flat. Dr Elaine Aron also mentions a lot that higher sensitivity also brings stronger reactions to caffeine – that means it should stimulate you more than it does other people. Well, since the topic of coffee and caffeine addiction has long been an intimate experience to me – I was strongly addicted for about 2-3 years, I have also written my first book on this topic (entitled “Get Rid of Caffeine” available at Well, the last year has been very busy again with finishing studies, starting a new job and moving places as well as private relationships – and so I felt the need to make up for that with a bit of coffee – and I went back to about 1-2 cups per day. Since my recent task has been to come back to balance and presence, knowing that good energy management is the key for me at work and achieving my set goals, the need to quit coffee again was clear. When You Quit Coffee Caffeine actually stops endosine from opening your blood vessels in the brain, thereby blocking your brain from preparing to sleep. As a further reaction, adrenaline is released into your bloodstream, putting you into fight-or-flight-mode and then you feel alert and more “present” for some time. Well, bad thing is: YOU WILL BECOME BORED ONCE YOU QUIT. Your body needs the adrenaline release, just like people jumping off the airplane. Your personality will actually alter with or without caffeine. Give it some time,and you will not recognize yourself again. I am telling you. More on this in future posts. Have a great weekend! – Chrisi Brand