Your Good Night Ritual A man living a life of intention is a man who is  getting a good night’s sleep. That is why we already discussed building your own “bed fortress” in our last blog post. Today we want to talk about the internal component of better sleep: YOU. As within so without, as above so below has long time been a saying. Well, now we are just going to adjust this to the sleep success if you want. What you need to do is to build a good night ritual. By ritual I mean a consciously built habit, a certain procedure of doing things that you repeat every day. Especially for HSM, such rituals are extremely useful as they reduce anxiety and uncertainty, something we HSM don’t really need much of. What are you doing now before going to bed? You guessed it, you already have a good night ritual. But most likely it is not the perfect one to ensure you are getting good night’s sleep. The definition of good night ritual is: “Whatever you do 1-2 hours before going to sleep.” So before you continue, I want you to take a sheet of paper right now and write down, thinking about your last two days, what did you do the last 2 hours before going to bed. Please write down in detail as much as possible what it is that you did. [[DO THE EXERCISE NOW!!!]] Chances are, if you are not getting perfect sleep at the moment, that you are doing certain emotionally stimulating things before going to bed. And I’m not necessarily talking about kissing around with your loved one. What should you do before going to bed? CALM DOWN. Best do some meditation, breathing exercises or Yoga; write into your diary to keep track of what you have learnt today or listen to some classical, relaxing music. Rather avoid alcohol, it is stimulating, not relaxing. Because we want to transcend easily from the busy beta-waves of our brain (sign of business and stimulation) into alpha waves, and then deeper into theta and REM-phases, we want to quiet ourselves down the last 2 hours before going to bed. I go into much detail about all this in my book “The Super Sleep System” which is currently out of print. I will soon republish it online, and let you know about it here. As a “home exercise” I would strongly recommend you to write down three things that you could actively do to calm yourself down before going to bed. [[DO THE EXERCISE NOW!!!]] Now your task for the next 21 days is to actually DOOOO this stuff – until it becomes automatic. THEN it is a RITUAL! 🙂 Congrats!