Energy Management 101 Today I am extremely excited because I am writing about something that has been on my mind for literally years now. It is derived from input of various sources that I have gathered over a longer time. It is a mix of medicine, psychology and personal development literature mixed with painful and delightful experiences in the past. Starting point: Man with intentional life Remember, the starting point of this series was the man who leads his life with intention. That means being centered, in control of yourself – and especially for HSM – the basic condition is this: – NOT be overwhelmed by external forces, so we can be: “The ___ of my ship, the captain of my soul…” We have talked about the internals and externals of great sleep. Great basic condition to be present and strong. Today, we want to talk about managing ourselves during the day to get into, keep and deepen the state that we like to call “flow/enlightenment/presence”. Circadian Rhythm: This is our day/night rhythm. It means that our internal clock is strongly influenced by external influence of day and night. That means if there is daylight, our body knows it is day; it gets dark and the body feels it is time to sleep. Also the reason why we tend to have more energy in spring and summer than in winter. Ultradian Rhythm: That is our rhythm of attention-relaxation. Because we are not the same focused for 16 hours a day. We have times of more and less attention. It has proven to be the best to be concentrated for 50 minutes (on one thing, especially for us HSM!!!), then pause for 10 minutes. Another 50 minutes, then 10 minutes break. Then 30 minutes of relaxation and again 30 minutes of break, best with a small meal in between. Done fully, this cycle goes on for about 3 hours, done 4 times a day. Clean Cuts, Clean Breaks The idea comes from Eben Pagan’s “Wake Up Productive” as well as Tony Schwartz – “The Power of Full Engagement”. The first 90 minutes of the day should get you quietly into it; the last 2 hours should be used to calm yourself down. Will-Power is Limited Self-discipline is the ability to do what you know you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not. Discipline is literally a chemical in our mind – and it is finite and limited. The key is to manage the bit of discipline we have to get ourselves to do the right things. Doing things right automatically means we need success habits. Habits planted there on purpose (PURPOSE!!!! Ah right, where have I heard that before? :)). A consciously built habit we would call RITUAL. Let’s manage this energy then really well. And what you need to do for that is to recognize when your body needs a break and give the body this break. Just like Elaine Aron says that when we are overstimulated we need to make sure we can calm down again. To discuss this further, our next blog post will be on the topic of single-minded focus and avoiding distractions. It is my strong conviction that HSM (as men, and HSPs) are the most important group that has to be aware of this topic. And even more the man who lives a life of intention. Remember, if you are not deciding what to do, you will either end up doing anything or doing what other people want you to do. THAT IS WHY WE need to be centered and consciously do and go where we want to. Life is too short to be distracted by TV, the driver behind you, Facebook or anything else that wants to have your attention and then take you directions that aren’t good for you. That might even be a woman at times ^^. Seriously, check in again next time when we will talk about: – Single-minded focus and avoiding distractions.