Dear readers, it has been a few days since my last post. Over the last week I have had the fortune of staying without coffee for all 7 days and the results are – once again – highly fascinating. It has never been this easy for me to start the morning refreshed and motivated for some slight Yoga moves, get a nice breakfast and hop on the bus being centered and ready to go to work. Some nice conversations with bysitters on the bus or a friendly grin to the salesperson at the cash register. What is the difference really? The Difference Lack of caffeine in my bloodstream (on the biological level) results in peace of mind (on the mental level) as well as a stronger presence of being in the moment and connected to the “power of now” (spiritual level). It is such a simple thing and I have gone through this project some years ago, unfortunately I had forgotten about its effect for a longer time, thinking that I was so busy that I needed more coffee to deal with the stress of my life. What I forgot was how much caffeine (most of all from COFFEE) can get an HSM’s mind racing, create only much more stress and put is into fight-or-flight mode. When we are already highly endangered to be overstimulated, coffee is about the last thing we need because it only speeds up and increases the problem, yet gives us the illusion by increasing our blood sugar level that we might actually be more energetic and have more power. Elaine Aron on Caffeine Sensitivity In the book “Psychotherapy for the Highly Sensitive Person” Elaine Aron directs practising psychotherapists on page number 48: “For example, too much caffeine can lead to euphoria and have a stronger effect in a sensitive person, or perhaps a sensitive person would notice a racing heart and worry more about a coffee addiction, while cognitive overload can lead to frustration and fears of failure…” Bottom line is that HSMs are more sensitive to caffeine than other people. So the question, dear reader, would be this: How much coffee are you drinking on a daily basis? Are you also caught in the ¬†misbelief that more caffeine and more coffee will actually give you more energy and that required boost you might need to fulfill all the obligations and duties you have created for yourself in your life? All that when in reality what you should really do is to just accept the fact that you were BLESSED – ENDOWED – with a higher sensitivity than the larger part of the population and that this actually exactly is the gift you should be using and giving; and allow yourself to feel? The answer cannot be to deny or fight your sensitivity on a daily basis. Trust me, I have tried. And the fact that you are here tells me you have probably done the same but come to the conclusion that this is actually not really that helpful. Therefore, the answer is: Sensitivity IS the calling. But I am getting off track. Caffeine and coffee is not the answer. The answer is building a HSM-friendly lifestyle that actually makes more coffee consumption than for the sole sake of liking the taste an unnecessity. Drink it because you WANT to, not because you feel you HAVE to or hoping to get something out of it. To a coffee-free day :), Chrisi