Just the other day I started reading “The Strong Sensitive Boy” by Dr Ted Zeff which focuses especially on young boys and their specialities in childhood growing up as highly sensitive men to-be. It also talks about studies that have linked about 1/5th of men to have a “more feminine brain” while some researchers have linked this to testosterone levels in the bloodstream. Now I have not done my brain research into this field, and I am not a medical professional. Of course it would make sense to make this attribution. The theory goes that testosterone levels in males ensures aggressiveness and being outgoing, in order to attract female partners and mate with them. Therefore, it seems that testosterone is the definition of masculinity. And a more feminine brain inside a male person would show that testosterone is lower. What I can state the strongest is my personal situation. As I have repeatedly over the last years taken my sex hormones including testosterone level, I can only state I have never been more aware of my own high sensitivity after the lecture of all the great books on this subject. Yet, straight-of-the-bat, my testosterone level shows values that are even higher than the healthy normal level to be found in men. Moreover, I doubt this theory quite a bit. Let’s assume there are men with high testosterone levels and high sensitivity. At times as testosterone has been linked to aggressiveness doesn’t this sound like two totally opposing situations. And yet, what if this actually was present inside of a man? How would a man feel that was extremely attracted to the feminine yet somewhat afraid of rejection and being hurt? What would be going on inside of a man that has an extremely high sex drive inside a relationship and wants to ravish his women, yet his partner might also be a highly sensitive person and be aroused at the lightest touch with goosebumps and above measure? What inside a man that has strong feelings and aggression developing on the inside, yet does not want to hurt others by any means and therefore has to find a way to channel this energy, even in the most emotional moment? What about the expression of love and devotion that highly sensitive men are especially good in fueled by strong testosterone and sex drive? Could it be that such a man would actually want to create a love symphony by giving his woman the most sensually and arousing erotic experience of a lifetime?