Q: So what exactly is this site?

A: Right now is it a collection of original articles as well as videos and links that are all about the one out of every 5 males who possess a more highly tuned nervous system.

Q: Highly tuned nervous system? Does that make you “special?”                                                                                                        

A: NO. It just means we take in more sensory information and and process it more deeply. It is a net neutral trait to possess. But we are a minority. 

Q: Am I a Highly Sensitive Man? 

A: Maybe. Take this online quiz to find out. If you think you are, welcome! We made this site because we share your pain and triumphs. If you haven’t already, please visit out Links page where you can visit the sites of various high sensitivity thought leaders and purchase their products. If you don’t think you are one of the 270 million HSM around the globe then we invite you to keep visiting so you can continue to learn about our cause.