About Us

Site Founder/Admin Chrisi Brand, 24, HSM. And HSD, HSS and HSE. Admittedly, the first and last have not come naturally, the others have always been in there. The first one has not always had an easy time to shine through and the acceptance of the last was the key to allowing alignment of all four to come in. Yet it is a constant project, and also what this site is about. After years of chasing business and achievements in order to feel accepted by society and try to realize what actually isn’t my real purpose, after caffeine addiction and sleeping problems along with other signs of overstimulation, I finally have realized my identity as a highly sensitive man. And now I am curious and passionate to share my journey with other HSM out there in the world. The word is getting out, awareness of being an HSM is spreading, and so hopefully is the acceptance of it. That is what we are working on with this blog. Currently having finished my degree in business, I am turning to psychology studies and relaxation training to get a more wholistic and fulfilling formation to share my gift. And so I hope to do with you. – Namaste! Chrisi Brand Site Co-AdminStevie Jamieson, 24, HSM.

High school was pure hell for me. Academically I was an honour roll student multiple times; socially I didn’t do quite as well. In grade 9 before first period every morning I would find the cluster of the same 5 or 6 guys huddled in the main lobby and feign involvement in their conversations so as to buy myself future “bystander credits.” In grade 12 I would spend the lunch hour doing laps of the school grounds so that I wouldn’t have to sit by myself in the cafeteria and risk “social suicide” at the hands of the other students (oh the irony). I never went to dances or the prom. I never dated once. College wasn’t much better but I did “catch up” with some of the bigger things I missed in high school, like having a close friend and dating. But again, I still felt like an alien among classmates, like an exposed nerve walking through the cafeteria. Then one day I started Googling something or another related to being highly sensitive. Chrisi’s site happened to come up in the results during one search. Every fibre of my being knew I had to approach him offering to help build this site and future products. I remain extremely thankful he chose to bring me aboard.